Facts about Foul Foot Odor

Facts about Foul Foot Odor

The place that we suggest starting is finding out what the cause could be, and while this sounds easy, there are a few different reasons that your feet could be stinking up the place. Here are just a few of the most common reasons that smelly feet develop. When our body needs a way to cool down, it does so by producing sweat. Well, if you have excessively sweaty feet, then you have a common condition that is known as hyperhidrosis, which causes the soles of your feet to produce more sweat than normal. This can also be noted by frequently sweaty palms. This awful development of overworking or tough situations not only leads to breakouts, weight gain and migraines, but it can also make your feet stink.

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We do a lot of walking during the summer, slogging a few blocks to the beach in the blazing sun, carrying those pesky chairs and the umbrella, and pounding the pavement exploring the sights of a new city. We walk around in plastic flip flops, or barefoot in sneakers — and then…feet get sweaty and stinky. What can be done about that?

Our hands are not covered, so sweat dries off quickly. But our feet are usually stuck in shoes, and bacteria and fungi like dark, moist places. In her practice, Canuso met patients who tried everything from apple cider vinegar to Vicks Vaporub to eliminate odors, without success. Canuso has a background in chemistry and eventually developed her own line of foot care products.

It includes a serum to fight infections, as well as a foot wash, and a spray to kill odors in shoes. The skin on our feet is thick — so any product we use to fight fungal infection first has to penetrate those layers. And sometimes, especially dry, scaly skin on feet can be a sign of an underlying problem. Many thick, oily creams will not penetrate that layer, and can make infections worse, she explained.

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We all deal with sweaty feet. It happens. Summer is the season of sweaty feet and stinky shoes. Wearing open shoes helps. So does wearing socks with shoes. Going sock-less is a surefire way to have smelly feet.

How to deal with sweaty, smelly feet flats are the worst shoes to wear if you want to prevent sweaty, smelly feet. Air Date: August 25,

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Home Remedies to Eliminate Foot Odor: 5 Easy Remedies to Get Rid of Smelly Feet

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Dear Harriette: I have been going out with a really nice guy for about a year. He spends the night at my house occasionally. I like that part, but what I hate is that his feet stink. When he takes off his shoes, the room fills with the smell of dirty socks. I need to tell him. What should I say? Dear Stinky Feet: I may run the risk of sounding sexist here, but I am going to tell you something that I learned early on that seems to be true for many men before they get into long-term relationships.

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So if you are struggling with stinky feet, rest assured that you are not alone!

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Think smelly feet is only a worry during the warmer months? Think again. But if you’ve noticed an embarrassing odour from your socks and shoes, there are plenty of things you can try. Which smells do you associate with winter? Perhaps cinnamon, pine needles, wood smoke and other scents that make you feel cosy and nostalgic. You probably wouldn’t put sweat and body odour on the list. But if you’ve noticed an embarrassing pong coming from your feet during the colder temperatures, you’re not alone.

And it’s not actually so surprising. We tend to think of smelly feet as something we should only worry about in the summer. But it’s an affliction that can happen in all seasons. Luckily, bromodosis the medical term for smelly feet is not usually a cause for concern. It’s completely normal for your feet to produce more than a pint of sweat in any given day. When they begin to smell, what you’re actually smelling is the bacteria that live on the skin of your feet and ‘eat’ your sweat.

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This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. I was too busy with having kids and working to make a fuss, but now, as my hormones are changing direction, my sense of smell is more acute. I cannot stand to be in bed with him. Then, both of you need to get informed. Fact: feet have more sweat glands than any other part of the body.

Women actually do contend with smelly feet on a daily basis, but the general public just doesn’t THINK they do. One thing that helps women fight the invisible odor.

Our podiatrists will evaluate your feet and get to the source of the stench. FACT: Your feet have about 3, sweat glands per square inch—more than any other part of your body! FACT: Perspiration mixing with bacteria found in your socks and shoes is the most common cause of foot odor. FACT: There are other reasons your feet may be sweating excessively. These include hormonal changes, side effects of certain medications and fluid intake.

FACT: There is also a condition called hyperhidrosis which is genetic that can cause excessive sweating and smelly feet.

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